Let's work together to get the vote out for cannabis legalization in Wisconsin on Tuesday, November 6th!

These are the counties in Wisconsin where you can vote to help legalize cannabis on November 6th:

Brown County, Clark County, Dane County, Eau Claire County, Forest County, Kenosha County, La Crosse County, Langlade County, Lincoln County, Marathon County, Marquette County, Milwaukee County, Portage County, Racine County, Rock County, Sauk County, City Racine and City Waukesha.


Why Wisconsin Should Legalize Cannabis?

  • Give Wisconsinites important medicinal options, especially in the fight against opioids

  • Reduce unnecessary arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations

  • Provide opportunities for Wisconsin businesses and farmers

  • Ensure adults are given the freedom to make decisions about their own lives

The referendum vote on November 6th, 2018 is the first step. Sign up to help us pass the legislation in the spring and stay informed with the effort as we move forward.

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