How Brian Put an End to Depression, PTSD and 31 Prescribed Pharmaceuticals a Day


Brian Seamonson is an upstanding citizen who cares about his family and his community. He is a husband, father, and small business owner who lives in Deerfield, Wisconsin. Brian is also the Deputy Director of Madison NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws).

In 2011, Brian and his wife’s lives were touched by tragedy when their two-year old son died from exposure at a nursing home to a fentanyl patch that was improperly disposed. This was traumatizing to the Seamonson family. Brian suffered from severe depression and PTSD after finding his son unresponsive on November 4th, 2011.

Within 3 months, Brian’s doctor had prescribed him 9 different pharmaceuticals, 31 pills a day. These medications were debilitating and put Brian on a downward spiral. After 5 years of living in an opioid induced pharmaceutical haze, Brian began taking medical cannabis. Almost immediately after dropping the pharmaceuticals, Brian switched over to cannabis. Almost immediately, he saw drastic changes and the quality of his life improve dramatically. His business is growing and his family, including his two new adopted daughters, are thriving.

Brian has since dedicated himself to ensuring all Wisconsinites have access to medicinal cannabis, especially as an alternative to opioids. He has traveled all over the state this summer, speaking to county board supervisors, urging them to give their constituents a chance to weigh in on this important issue. People like Brian are the face of cannabis in Wisconsin and is one powerful example of why legalization is long overdue.