Vote Cannabis 2018

Let's work together to get the vote out for cannabis legalization in Wisconsin on Tuesday, November 6th!


What We Do

Vote Cannabis 2018 is serving as a hub for individuals and organizations to help coordinate county-level efforts between a variety of pro-cannabis individuals and organizations that support legalization for different reasons:

  • Medical use

  • Freedom of individuals to make their own choices

  • Reducing over-incarceration

  • Providing new economic opportunities for Wisconsin businesses and citizens

Why This Matters

It is wrong to not give adults the freedom to make decisions about their own health.

Wisconsin—like other states—has seen opioid abuse and overdoses skyrocket. Last year, over 800 opioid overdose deaths occurred. Yet, cannabis provides a non-addictive, safe pain management alternative for many people.

For example, Iraq War Veteran Steven Achenson used medical cannabis to help treat his PTSD, replace opiates and countless other prescription drugs, and ultimately change his life to become the community leader he is today (see How Medical Cannabis Changed This Veteran’s Life). Another example is Brian Seamonson who has found medicinal cannabis to be an effective and safe treatment. To learn more you can read about how Brian successfully replaced opioids with medicinal cannabis.

Legalizing and taxing cannabis like alcohol means more money for schools and roads and less money for the criminal justice system. Colorado, with 200,000 fewer people than Wisconsin, raised $340M in 2017 from taxes and fees on cannabis.

Thirty one states and Washington DC have legalized at least medicinal use of Cannabis. It’s now the norm and Wisconsin is on the verge of being left behind.

The Wisconsin governor and legislature will consider whether to legalize cannabis next year. With sixteen counties asking voters their opinion on legalization, it is imperative that voters turnout to Vote Yes!

What Counties Are Eligible to Vote

The following counties and cities will have an advisory cannabis referendum on their November 6th ballot: Brown County, Clark County, Dane County, Eau Claire County, Forest County, Kenosha County, La Crosse County, Langlade County, Lincoln County, Marathon County, Marquette County, Milwaukee County, Portage County, Racine County, Rock County, Sauk County, City Racine and City Waukesha.

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Save the date!

November 6th, 2018 is your chance to be heard and help legalize cannabis in Wisconsin


Young People Are the Key to Legalization

This year, young Americans are the key to a Wisconsin cannabis victory. According to a Marquette University poll conducted on August 15th, 68% of young voters ages 18 to 29, were supportive of full legalization.
However, amazingly, 81% of young voters ages 18 to 29 who were registered, but not likely to vote, support full legalization. 81%!
If young people decide to take the time to vote on November 6th, cannabis legalization will receive overwhelming public support. If they choose to be apathetic and stay home, it won’t.  

It is really that simple. BE SURE TO VOTE NOV 6TH!


How Can You Help?

The referendum vote on November 6th, 2018 is the first step. Sign up to help us pass the legislation in the spring and stay informed with the effort as we move forward.

If you'd like, you can also volunteer to get the word out to your friends and neighbors to get them to support cannabis legalization, or contribute to help us buy placards, printed materials and other communications to maximize voter education and turnout. 

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